The Institute for Policy, Advocacy, and Governance (IPAG) is a government-approved, not-for-profit, independent international think tank that works on economic development, regional cooperation & integration, green growth, international relations & strategic affairs, interfaith harmony & peace-building, private sector development, competition policy, etc. IPAG conducts research to generate evidence relevant to policy-making, undertakes stakeholder engagement and outreach activities, promotes and facilitates dialogue among various actors and stakeholders and builds stakeholder capacity for synergistic cooperation for development. The Institute has worked with different national and international organizations and actors pursuing its commitment to making positive contribution to inclusive and sustainable development towards a peaceful and prosperous world.

IPAG’s Vision is to become Bangladesh’s leading independent institute committed to making positive contribution in the achievement of a functional democratic system based on fairness, justice, and good governance which delivers promised goods and services to the ordinary average citizens.

The Mission is to promote sustainable economic development that provides equal opportunities to all and do not either marginalize or deprive the underprivileged.