China (Guangzhou) – Bangladesh (Dhaka) Industrial Cooperation and Project Matching Forum, On June 24-25, 2015

The China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) sent a delegation of its Guangzhou Committee to Bangladesh to explore business and investment opportunities. The delegation comprised senior Government officials as well as some leading manufacturing companies from various sectors like textile, garments, printing, leather, retail, food & beverage, electronics, lights and auto parts &… Read More

Rohingya refugee crisis can be solved only if ASEAN musters the will do to so

For the boat people of Southeast Asia, each day begins with a thickening sense of uncertainty, despair and a fading glimmer of hope. Thousands have been rescued in the past month by authorities and fishermen in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia after being stranded in the Andaman Sea. While some are Bangladeshis migrating for better jobs… Read More

Revisiting Kuznets Hypothesis: A Time Series and Panel Data Approach

Abstract: Significant impact of economic growth on poverty alleviation is eroded by high income inequality. This article revisits Kuznets Hypothesis which suggested that inequality and growth have an inverted U shaped relationship. This article differs from previous articles on this subject, by being broader in scope although remaining exploratory in nature. The article uses log… Read More

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Progressively restore seamless expertise rather than go forward niches. Holisticly conceptualize transparent. Proactively benchmark cross-platform metrics vis-a-vis end-to-end imperatives. Synergistically harness error-free partnerships with functionalized human capital. Progressively monetize state of the art methodologies through timely leadership. Competently leverage other’s.

Input Solicitation Workshop with Private Sector

In order to facilitate the private sector by simplifying government regulations, IPAG implemented a project called ‘Support to Private Sector Development Policy Coordination Committee and Unit’ by providing research and secretarial support to the Policy Coordination Unit (PCU) at Prime Minister’s Office. With IPAG’s support, the PCU placed recommendations for process simplification and regulatory reform… Read More

Competition Law to relieve consumers of unhealthy business practice: Shafique

Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shafique Ahmed Sunday said the Competition Law would give relief to the country’s consumers from the unhealthy syndication of business. “Consumers are the most affected persons for the unhealthy competitions in the market and the law has been passed to relieve them,” he said while speaking at a dialogue… Read More

Great expectations in Dhaka: Modi has an opportunity to reboot India-Bangladesh relations after many erratic flip-flops

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Dhaka from June 6-7 to discuss the ‘entire gamut’ of bilateral issues. The Modi government has shown decisiveness in passing the Land Boundary Agreement that was in limbo for more than four decades. While the Indira Gandhi government made the deal, Congress failed to ratify it in Parliament,… Read More

China must live up to the challenge of leadership in a new economic order

China’s success at rallying both developed and developing nations to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank gives it an opportunity for global economic leadership. This role hinges on its dual identity. On the one hand, China is the world’s second-largest economy; on the other, it is a developing country which still receives aid from the… Read More