COP27: absent leaders and fossil fuel lobby weaken climate change fight

The latest UN climate change conference, COP27, is taking place with record-breaking drought in the Horn of Africa, famine warnings in Somalia and one-third of Pakistan devastated by deadly floods. One of the central issues being debated is challenges that many developing countries face on the front lines of the climate disaster, despite accounting for a relatively smaller percentage of global emissions…. Read More

Amid global divisions, Indonesia faces a daunting task to achieve G20 consensus

For the first time, Indonesia holds the G20 presidency. Its motto, “Recover Together, Recover Stronger,” selected in light of the pandemic, calls for collaborative and inclusive efforts for global recovery. Strengthening cooperation between the world’s major established economies and emerging economies is the G20’s main goal this year. Specialised task forces are working to identify gaps in… Read More

Japan should bridge gap between G-7 and G-20

Syed Munir Khasru and Tetsushi Sonobe                                                                                                   … Read More

G20 Leadership Summit 2022

Prof. Khasru is the only one who is Co-chair of two G20 Task Forces i.e. Task Force 2 (TF2) on Digital Transformation and Task Force 9 (TF9) on SDG under the G20 Indonesian Presidency for the G20 Leadership Summit 2022. TF9 will look into SDGs blended financing, strengthening Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) etc.

Policy Brief-How AI can Change the Development-Technology Landscape in the Post Pandemic Era

Link:   Abstract Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have played a vital role in responding to the COVID-19 crisis. AI advancement also has the potential to support the global pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In developed economies, AI has already been widely adopted into businesses and hospitals. However, as AI grows, emerging challenges should… Read More

Policy Brief-Intensifying Philanthropic Participation in SDGs through Strengthening the Ecosystem

Link: Abstract Philanthropic foundations play an essential role in sustainable development – not only in mobilising financial resources but also as development actors in their own right. Despite shared goals, governments and foundations have a significant communication and collaboration gap that often results in following parallel paths without engaging in genuine and effective complementary… Read More

Lessons from Bangladesh: The Rise of South Asia’s Third Largest to Stardom

Macroeconomic Stability Bangladesh rose from its status as one of the poorest nations at the time of its independence in 1971 and attained lower-middle-income status in 2015. The country is on its way to moving from the Least Developed Category (LDC) list in 2026. Bangladesh’s economy has maintained macroeconomic stability over the past two decades… Read More

Under King Charles, the future of the Commonwealth looks uncertain

The Commonwealth of Nations, a group of 56 member states comprising mostly former territories of the British Empire, is home to 2.5 billion people – a third of the global population – and represents US$13.1 trillion in gross domestic product. The group also hosts 32 of the world’s smallest 42 states. There are still 15… Read More

A lot is at stake for India-Bangladesh ties

While they have deepened ties, the Hasina and Modi governments have failed to resolve long-standing issues  In August, while addressing devotees gathered to celebrate Janmashtami, Bangladesh Foreign Minister Abdul Momen requested the Indian government to ensure that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stays in power when Bangladesh goes to the polls next year. He claimed that… Read More

Singapore has lessons to offer the world on digitizing government

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced authorities around the world to recognize the importance of bringing public services and other government functions into the digital age. The Group of 20 has sought to provide support to assist this transition, particularly for low-income countries, but as digital economy ministers from member countries convene this Thursday in Bali,… Read More