Climate change: water scarcity is fuelling new crises across Asia

Link: As climate change depletes freshwater resources critical for human and ecological survival, the world faces an escalating water crisis. Droughts, heatwaves and glacial melt are exacerbating water scarcity globally. According to Unicef, more than 2 billion people already lack access to safe drinking water and 4 billion face severe water scarcity for at… Read More

U.K. summit shows why the U.N. should take lead on AI issues

  Link: The AI Safety Summit convened two weeks ago by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was supposed to align interested international parties on questions of setting ground rules around the development of artificial intelligence. But while Sunak hailed the summit in Milton Keynes and its resulting declaration as “world first” breakthroughs and the summit included… Read More

Our AI-driven healthcare future needs one vital ingredient – the human touch

Artificial intelligence in healthcare is increasingly an important topic, and one that will be discussed at the World Health Summit next week in Berlin. AI has the potential to improve patient outcomes but it also poses risks – from data collection and use to biases that can skew patient outcomes. By 2025, more than US$30… Read More

Innovation and Competitiveness: GTIPA Summit, 2023
ISMG Business Transformation SEA Summit, Singapore
Building Comprehensive Global Security ♦ Harnessing the Unexplored G7-G20 Synergy

Abstract Comprehensive security—human, economic, and strategic—faces increasing challenges from inequality, infectious diseases, environmental risks, nationalism and anti-globalization, and erosion of government accountability. International cooperation on the rules for trade and investment and the resulting economic boom have done much to reduce poverty and increase prosperity in many countries around the world, more so in Asia… Read More

Building G7-G20 synergy for a multipolar world

Abstract The world is currently in a period of transition towards multipolarity. This Policy Brief explores the importance of policy coordination between multilateral groupings with a focus on the G20 and G7, and argues that through institutional mechanisms, member countries can align their national strategies with a broader global vision. The G20 and G7 face… Read More

Intensifying philanthropic participation in SDGs through strengthening the ecosystem

Abstract Philanthropic foundations play an essential role in sustainable development – not only in mobilising financial resources but also as development actors in their own right. Despite shared goals, governments and foundations have a significant communication and collaboration gap that often results in following parallel paths without engaging in genuine and effective complementary partnerships. Hence,… Read More

How AI can change the development-technology landscape in the post pandemic era

Abstract Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have played a vital role in responding to the COVID-19 crisis. AI advancement also has the potential to support the global pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In developed economies, AI has already been widely adopted into businesses and hospitals. However, as AI grows, emerging challenges should be addressed globally… Read More

Can India be the net-zero champion the Global South needs?

As extreme climatic events such as the wildfires that ravaged the Hawaiian island of Maui and the bitter winter in Afghanistan dominate headlines, while being referred to by many as the new normal, it is a clear signal that climate change has taken hold. The current trajectory of carbon emissions puts the world on track for catastrophic events that impact… Read More