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Area of Work: Migration And Resettlement

The G20 is a forum of the 20 most politically and economically powerful countries of the world. Think20 (T20), the network of leading research institutes and think tanks from the G20 countries provides research-based policy advice to the G20, facilitates interaction among its members and the policy community, and communicates issues of global importance. Every year a G20 country hosts the T20 Summit and the seminal G20 Leader’s Summit and this year Argentina will be hosting the Summits.

The Institute for Policy, Advocacy, and Governance (IPAG) is a member of the 2018 T20 Task Force on Migration, one of the 10 official Task Forces of the 2018 T20 which aims to provide innovative and evidence-based policy options for the G20 Leadership.

As the member IPAG submitted a Policy Proposal on “Repatriation Challenges faced by Developing First Asylum Countries & the International Response Mechanism: The Case of Myanmar Rohingyas in Bangladesh”. The Policy Brief by IPAG underwent extensive scrutiny and review by group of well-respected experts, as represented in the Advisory Board which was established to ensure that the Policy Briefs are of high quality, novelty and applicability.

The link to the Brief can be found here: