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Area of Work: Migration Resettlement Interfaith Relations Peace Building

The G20 is a forum of the 20 most politically and economically powerful countries of the world. The network of leading research institutes and think tanks from the G20 countries are represented in a forum of think tanks called Think20 (T20) which provides research-based policy advice to the G20 Leadership, facilitates interaction among G20 members and the policy community, and communicates issues of global importance to the relevant stakeholders.

As Member of the Task Force on Migration, IPAG wrote a Policy Brief on “Repatriation Challenges faced by Developing First Asylum Countries & the International Response Mechanism” for the G20 Leadership Summit held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Nov 30-Dec 1, 2018.  The Policy Brief outlines how the leaders of the G20 are in a unique position to formulate a support & monitoring platform to (i) provide international assistance to developing first asylum countries, (ii) exert collective diplomatic pressure on countries and governments forcibly removing inhabitants from their settlements on the basis of race, religion and ethnicity, (iii) conduct credible fact finding in conflict zones, (iv) monitor safe and ethical repatriation of refugees to their own countries of origin and (v) advocate and popularize the use of the latest technologies to provide legitimate identification to refugees without any credible IDs.

Link to the full Policy Brief: