IPAG is hiring young, motivated, and energetic graduates passionate about working in the development sector to make a positive impact in peoples’ lives – nationally, regionally, and globally. To understand what it means and who we are, please have a 11-minute sneak peek of the AV link at: https://tinyurl.com/4po2buwz


Open Positions:

1. Manager (Projects, Programs, & Partnerships)

2. Manager (Projects, Programs, & Partnerships) – Global Operations

3. Executive (Project Management & Communications)


Application Process:

To apply, please email your CV to hr@ipag.org, with a sample of a recent original piece of writing in the form of articles/publications/research papers/thesis etc. (minimum 1,000 words) by February 28, 2021. Before applying please read the detailed job description for your desired position, accessible through the links above.


IPAG in a Nutshell:

Starting out of Dhaka, Bangladesh, IPAG is one of the fastest growing international think tanks and policy research outfits with current presence in Asia Pacific (Melbourne), Europe (Vienna), New Delhi (India) & Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Region (Dubai). Within a very short period of time, IPAG has expanded its presence in three continents globally, and is currently in the process of opening its office in Africa. IPAG boasts a multicultural, diverse team with its employee pool hailing from various countries all around the globe.

IPAG is committed to supporting equitable socio-economic development and promoting democracy & human rights, good governance & rule of law by engaging with the relevant stakeholders which include governments, policymakers, development agencies, business community, think tanks, academia, civil society, and the media.

IPAG works in multidimensional global, regional, and local issues that encompasses economic development & trade, regional cooperation & integration, international relations, security & strategic affairs, migration & resettlement, power & energy, technology & innovation. IPAG’s program portfolio, among others, include research, policy advocacy, conferences, dialogues, publications, and commentaries in international media outlets.

As one of the world’s youngest international think tanks in its 4th year of Global Rankings, IPAG has been ranked 34th among the top 110 in the category “Top Think Tanks in Southeast Asia & the Pacific”, 41st among the top 128 in ‘’International Development Policy” & 26th among the top 109 in “Think Tanks to Watch in 2021”.  The Global Ranking is done by The Think Tanks & Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) of the Lauder Institute, University of Pennsylvania, US covering 11,175 think tanks in 190 countries.

IPAG is a flat and non-hierarchical organization where individuals are significantly empowered and enjoy freedom in effectively undertaking their roles & responsibilities. It is a work hard, play hard culture which thrives on the passion & commitment of a talented & energetic group of people who are doers & achievers & not just watchers & followers. It has a dynamic and fast moving corporate culture where knowledge is both the cause and effect of the work we do.