Producing applicable research and commentary and facilitating knowledge sharing among stakeholders on issues relating to power and energy has been one of IPAG’s core focus areas. In the last two years, IPAG has published four books on multiple aspects of the Regional and International Power and Energy Sector and have co-hosted and attended several conferences and seminars on issues relating to renewable energy, energy efficiency and regional energy cooperation. IPAG’s knowledge partners among other include McKinsey & Co. Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Stanford University, Oxford Energy Institute, Energy Studies Institute of the National University of Singapore (NUS).

IPAG joined the Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) for two years in a row to organize a Training and Capacity Building Program Energy for Regional Integration in South Asia. As part of its commitment and substantial research to move forward regional energy cooperation, IPAG is frequently invited to seminal workshops and seminars to present their findings on Energy Efficiency, Regional Energy Cooperation and Sustainable Energy Transition.