Poor governance and lack of responsible leadership is a persistent issue in most developing regions. Development efforts in many struggling economies suffer the most due to lack of adequate governance mechanism and dearth of suitable leadership. IPAG understands that poor governance underscores all development efforts by both national governments and the international community. Improving governance and improving the state of leadership will bear multifold benefits for regions struggling with corruption, poor public service, stunted growth and poor utilization of resources. IPAG conducts research and analysis on the interplay between Good Governance and Able Leadership and how the two often bears the most consequence for majority of development challenges around the world. IPAG conducted training & capacity building sessions for the senior officers, law enforcers, and intelligence community from the South Asian countries at an international training program. SAARC member countries sent their concerned police officers in the rank of SP to attend the course. The objective of this event was to combat transnational crimes in the SAARC region, maximize cooperation between SAARC police etc.