Over the last 5 years, Migration due to war and conflict in various location has been a persistent humanitarian crisis which the world at large is still grappling to contain. Migration is one of IPAG’s core focus areas and the organization carries rigorous, in-depth research on the issue. To make the culmination of its research available to the wider audience, particularly those who have the ability to bring in positive change, IPAG advocates for the cause in well-respected, international media outlets and high-level academic and policymaking networks.

IPAG has actively advocated on issues of Refugee Resettlement and Migration Governance through its engagement with influential global and regional knowledge networks.  As a member of the Think Tank T20 network for 2017 G20 Meeting in Germany, IPAG actively pursued the issues of Global Migration Governance and the Rohingya Refugee Crisis.   As a member of the Migration Taskforce for Think 20 2017 Process, IPAG attended workshops and high-level meetings and discussions.

As a member of the Taskforce, IPAG published a Policy Brief on ‘Reforming the Migration Governance System’ at G20 Insights website. The brief shed light on why the ‘G20 countries should assume leadership of the ongoing forced migration crisis and mitigate the deficiencies of the existing governance system.’ The Policy Brief was submitted as part of the expert recommendation for the G20 Leaders for the 2017 G20 Leaders Summit at Hamburg, Germany. To continue its contribution to the T20 Forum, IPAG has also been invited to become member of the T20 2018 Task Force on Migration under the Argentinian Presidency for the year 2018.

IPAG has made intelligent use of well respected & mainstream international media outlets to take issues relating to migration beyond the confines of in-house publications to reach greater international audience, both regionally and globally, to influence global opinions & perceptions. IPAG regularly publishes commentaries on the issues in Project Syndicate, World Economic Forum, South China Morning Post, The Straits Times and Hindu on issues pertaining International and Regional Forced Migration & Resettlement. IPAG has also been invited several times by well-respected media outlets like BBC to provide its expert opinion on the Rohingya Refugee Crisis.