IPAG’s is on the lookout as to how to make economic growth more sustainable and inclusive. The in-house research team through collaboration with international partners have conducted research in the area of propelling Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. IPAG envisages to make sustainable development more participatory by bringing in top-notch experts, influential policymakers, innovators, and development actors in a single engagement platform to find innovative solutions for a more sustainable future. IPAG conducted a Seminar titled ‘Towards Sustainable Development: Lessons from MDGs & Pathway for SDGs’, in New York, US in 2017 where IPAG brought together leading policy makers, think tanks, development partners, development economists, , academics, researchers and to conduct thought- provoking and animated discussions on the SDGs.

The SDGs will require $3-5 trillion out of a global GDP of approximately $115 trillion, with a funding gap of $2.5 trillion expected to be borne out by the private sector. IPAG in partnership with UN’s SDG Philanthropy Platform, a vehicle for catalyzing multi-stakeholder partnerships to advance the global Sustainable Development Agenda, and our other partners are in talks on ways to improvise SDG Financing Mechanism by bringing in the private sector under the Multi Stakeholder Partnership (MSP) platform in South Asia and the MENA Region.

As part of its work on MSPs for SDGs, IPAG has been invited to be a member of the SDGs Global Council launched during the World Government Summit 2018, in Dubai in collaboration with the UN, World Bank, OECD and supported by the Dubai Government. It is an interdisciplinary network of decision makers from governments, international organizations, academia, and private-sector across different countries sharing innovative practices and the creative implementation of the SDGs at the national and global levels.  The Council hosts key leaders from international organizations, as well as a number of ministers and private sector leaders from around the world engaged in the implementation of the SDGs. IPAG is on a fast track career spree to have earned the confidence and trust of such important global stakeholders within such a short time.