The digital age, cyber space, social media and the impending Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR) are significantly shaping the landscape of the way we lead our lives as technology is dramatically changing our lifestyle with profound effect on important areas like education, employment, career choices, health services, social orientation and so on and so forth. Under these challenging circumstances, IPAG has been doing indepth research on important areas like empowering the SDG Agenda 2030 with the emerging technologies.

During the International Conference on Sustainable Development held in New York, US organized by the Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) & the Earth Institute, led by Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, University of Columbia. IPAG made a presentation on “A Fourth Industrial Revolution that Empowers SDG 2030: Exploring the Development Technology Nexus in Quest for Inclusivity”. As a Member of the SDGs Global Councils, an initiative by the UN, World Bank & OECD, IPAG made presentation on “SDG 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure” at the World Government Summit in Dubai, UAE.

The 9th G20 Summit Innovation Forum held in Beijing, China, IPAG made a presentation on the topic, “Towards a Collaborative, Inclusive and Dynamic Global Innovation Environment”. At the Global Technology Summit organized by Carnegie India and the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, IPAG spoke on “Issues of intellectual property rights and their impact on developing economies.”