Climate change and food security

Bangladesh is among the most precarious and unpredictable countries due to climate risks (Bangladesh Country Study, 2013). It is regularly stricken by annual flooding, or shortage of water during dry seasons; it frequently suffers from cyclones, storm surges, along with changing groundwater aquifer situations. Most of the land mass comprises of floodplains, and up to… Read More

What is lost on the ground is recovered in cyberspace: The New Face of Radicalization

The battles to take back Mosul and Raqqa from ISIS have given rise to very important questions – What happens to ISIS as they physically disperse? Where do they go? What do they do?

Stranded and Unprotected

The exposé depicts the gaps in international laws and regulations in protecting people displaced due to hostile environmental factors resulting from climate change. Climate refugees are people who are forced to leave their homes and communities because of the effects of climate change and global warming. Though natural climate change has happened numerous times over billions of years on… Read More