Author: Lamisa Gias

Area of Work: Migration, Interfaith Relations, & Peace Building

Image Source:UNHCR.S/Rich

In connection with Brighter Lives for Refugees campaign, IKEA has donated a total of €30.8 million to help the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) bring light and renewable energy to refugee camps across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The impacts of this initiative are:

  • Over 284,000 refugees and members of host communities in Ethiopia and Jordan are able to live in greater safety at night, thanks to the provision of more than 56,000 solar lanterns and the installation of 720 solar street lights.
  • Over 37,000 refugee children have been enrolled in primary school in Bangladesh, Chad and Ethiopia, allowing them to continue with their education. In addition, more than 740 teachers have been trained in those countries.
  • Twenty-two biogas plants have been constructed in Bangladesh, allowing for 15% of human waste to be processed and generating green fuel for cooking.



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