Connectivity and Trading in Power & Energy: A Regional and International Dimension

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Towards Sustainable Development: Lessons From MDGs & Pathway for SDGs

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Energy Efficiency: Prevalent Practices & Policy Perspectives (IPAG Knowledge Series Book 3)

IPAG in association with the Hydrocarbon unit, Energy & Mineral Resources Division, Government of Bangladesh organized a Seminar on the occasion of the International Energy Efficiency Day 2017 on March 5, 2017. On this occasion the publication titled, ‘Energy Efficiency: Prevalent Practices & Policy Perspectives’ was launched. This compiles insightful perspectives on the energy sector… Read More

International Best Practices in Power & Energy Sector: Lessons for South Asia & Bangladesh

On the occasion of ‘International Best Practices in Power and Energy Sector: Lessons for South Asia & Bangladesh’ , IPAG is delighted to bring about this publication which provides key benchmarks, pertinent case studies, and reflects the thoughts, ideas, and intellectual prowess of international and national experts and researchers. IPAG is joined in this initiative… Read More

Prospects & Challenges of Connectivity & Trading in Power & Energy: A Regional & International Perspective (IPAG Knowledge Series Book 1)

On the occasion of the capacity building & training program on ‘Power & Energy in South Asia: Connectivity through Cooperation’, IPAG published this collection of 30 articles authored by policymakers, seasoned experts, practitioners and academicians. The articles reflect thoughts and intellectual prowess of national and global professionals from 15 countries across 4 continents. The authors have… Read More