Will Japan, South Korea & Australia ever say yes to China’s AIIB?

As the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank inches closer to being established, China still has a monumental challenge to hurdle: convince Asia-Pacific’s three most influential nations -Japan, South Korea and Australia – to join the proposed $100 billion financial institution. The fact that China is leading the creation of the bank, which will be based in… Read More

An open letter to Modi, ST’s Asian of the Year

Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi, congratulations on being named as the Asian of the Year 2014 by The Straits Times. In the seven months in office, you have limned out in powerful strokes your priorities and style of governance, and now the delivery time begins. As the Asian of the Year and in the days… Read More

ASEAN could be the role model for SAARC

The 2014 SAARC Summit, which started with high expectations, ended low on delivery. The rivalry between India and Pakistan continues to frustrate efforts to integrate South Asia. Prime Minister Narendra Modi remarked in his opening speech that “Himalaya today is calling us to act. Let us work to change cynicism into optimism.” His Pakistan counterpart,… Read More

Can China’s economic diplomacy translate into leadership?

Published in South China Morning Post. As the dust settles on the recent summitry in the Asia-Pacific, pundits are still dissecting the outcome of the Apec, East Asia and G20 summits. However, one thing is clear: China, led by President Xi Jinping , has consolidated its position as the emerging leader in the region. With… Read More

Sushma Swaraj’s Bangladesh visit must set the stage for ties

The visit by external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj to Bangladesh which began on Tuesday will be an important gambit for India­Bangladesh relations. The strong mandate received by the BJP in the polls gives it a rare opportunity to resolve long­outstanding bilateral issues. Unfortunately, on the Indian electoral circuit, Bangladesh did not have much significance. In… Read More

India can be a little more sympathetic and giving

Published in The Times of India. With a renewed emphasis in New Delhi on relations with Bangladesh,Mr. Syed Munir Khasru , chairman of the Institute for Policy, Advocacy and Governance (I-PAG) gives a Bangladeshi view on relations to Rudroneel Ghosh : How would you define India-Bangladesh relations today? Unfortunately, the history of the subcontinent, thanks… Read More