Author: Administrator

Area of Work: International Relations, Strategic Affairs, & Security

China Institute for International and Strategic Studies (CIISS) is the leading think tank on strategic and defense issues in China, with extensive cooperation and partnership with counterpart institutes around the world.

The Institute of Advocacy, Policy and Governance (IPAG) visited this think tank in Beijing on August 27, 2015 for an important meeting.

Maj. Gen (Retd) Huang Baifu, the Vice Chairman of CIISS explicitly noted the articles and commentary by IPAG scholars published in international media and appreciated the quality and depth of the analysis on international and strategic affairs.

In addition, the IPAG delegation made a presentation on the areas of potential cooperation between CIISS and IPAG, including value-additive contribution by IPAG in the Xiangshan Forum. Both sides noted the complementary capabilities and shared interests between CIISS and IPAG.

It has been agreed upon that as the two institutes will build up momentum of cooperation by events and joint activities, eventually a Memorandum of Understanding may be signed to formalize the institutional partnership. CIISS also invited IPAG delegation to the Xiangshan Forum in the coming years.