Author: Administrator

Area of Work: International Relations, Strategic Affairs, & Security

IPAG conducted training & capacity building sessions for the senior officers, law enforcers, and intelligence community from the South Asian countries at an international training program. The training was organized in Dhaka, Bangladesh from Feb 14-25, 2016 at the Police Staff College (PSC) for the regional cooperation organization South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) under the framework titled, “Transnational Crime: SAARC Perspective”.

SAARC member countries sent their concerned police officers in the rank of SP to attend the course. The objective of this event was to combat transnational crimes in the SAARC region, maximize cooperation between SAARC police etc.

Experts from IPAG conducted two training sessions. One was on “Cross- Country Cooperation among Intelligence Agencies in Combating International Crime & Terrorism” where the changing patterns of transnational crimes and the resulting security threats for South Asia were discussed. As a counter-measure to such non-traditional transnational crime, the session put emphasis on the importance of collaborative approach among the regional stakeholders including law enforcement and intelligence agency to minimize the risks.

Another session was on “Connectivity in South Asia: Strategic & Security Perspectives”, conducted by Makshudul AM Mondal, Fellow & Senior Research Associate, IPAG. In this training module, he covered three specific areas:

  1. Regional cooperation in South Asia & cross-border connectivity
  2. Non-traditional & transnational security threats associated with regional cooperation
  3. Role of law enforcement and intelligence officials of South Asia to address such challenges.