Author: Administrator

Area of Work: SDG, Economy, Trade, & Investment

Mr. Riasat Noor, a Research Associate of IPAG, was invited by the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (GSCASS) to attend the International Seminar for Young Scholars on Economic Development Issues 2016. The seminar was held from Aug 20 – Sept 18, 2016 in Beijing and brought together 26 young researchers from the developing and emerging economies to explore opportunities for joint academic research. It was conducted by top-ranked Chinese scholars and offered thematic group discussions and on-spot academic investigations. The international seminar provided platform for academic lectures, discussion round, academic visit, group activities and field studies for the international participants to share experience and challenges in national and international economic development and to discuss common challenges in development of emerging economies and developing countries.


In this seminar Mr. Noor presented a case study on “Bangladesh’s Energy Economy” and presentation on bilateral relationship between Bangladesh and China, titled: “Bangladesh-China Relations: Convergence towards Economic and Strategic Benefit” He also shared his opinion regarding education reform, lessons learnt from RCEP for SAARC, structural classification of banking system and NBFI optimization adapting the “New Normal” in China, academic level research collaboration, strength and complementary advantages between China and Bangladesh, strategy and framework of One Belt, One Road (OBOR), future perspective of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s (AIIB) against IMF and World Bank and internationalization and devaluation of RMB (Renminbi).