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Area of Work: Technology, Innovation, & Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a UK based think tank, in association with the Foreign Commonwealth Office, UK organized a two-day workshop on Counter-Extremism in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on March 2017. Participants were invited from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Malaysia to design a campaign for countering extremism in their own countries. Aisha Binte Abdur Rob, a Research Associate at IPAG, who specializes in Interfaith and Peace building, was selected through a highly competitive process to participate in the event.

The impact-oriented workshop focused on facilitating youth innovation in peace-building. The sessions covered a range of highly pertinent issues in youth action against extremism, including designing targeted counter-narratives, effective campaign promotion techniques and security measures in activism. These were conducted by international experts and representatives from Facebook. The participants designed campaigns to promote peace-building in their own countries, which were then presented for feedback from the experts.