Author: Administrator

Area of Work: COVID 19 Pandemic

Germany took over the helm of Presidency of the European Council on July 1, 2020 at a critical time with the EU facing manifold challenges of COVID 19 pandemic as well as significant domestic and global issues. Against such background, the EU recovery plan, adopted by the 27 EU member states at the Special European Council on July 17-21, 2020 was a test of Germany’s ability to manage complex negotiations. Particularly how Germany, the EU’s the most economically powerful and politically influential member, can manage expectations given differences in the socio-economic development among EU member states and public perceptions about the EU. The policy document looks into some of the key challenges for the German Presidency and provides policy recommendations for the German Presidency during the most difficult period of spread of virus, loss of lives, lockdowns, loss of jobs, economic slowdown and resulting uncertainty.