IPAG is one of the few international think tanks which has prepared 5 Policy Briefs (PB) for the Leadership Summit of G20, world’s 20 most politically & economically powerful nations.

For G20 Leadership Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from Nov 21-22, 2020, following are topics on which IPAG has written 5 Policy Briefs, 3 already have been published by the G20.


PB I: Incentivizing the Private Sector to Support UN’s SDGs
Link: https://t20saudiarabia.org.sa/en/briefs/Pages/Policy-Brief.aspx?pb=TF7_PB9

PB II: The Challenge of Climate Migrants for the G20 Community 
Link: https://t20saudiarabia.org.sa/en/briefs/Pages/Policy-Brief.aspx?pb=TF2_PB21

Special Policy Brief on COVID-19

PB III: Multilateralism in Times of Global Pandemic; Lessons Learned and the Way Forward 
Link: https://t20saudiarabia.org.sa/en/briefs/Pages/Policy-Brief.aspx?pb=TF11_PB13


PB IV: Impacts of Artificial Intelligence and Technological Disruption on Education Employment, and Workplaces 
Link: https://tinyurl.com/y67zom2p

PB V: Overcoming Barriers, Building Resilience in a COVID-19 World; Lessons from and for Social, Cultural and Faith-Based Responses 
Link: https://tinyurl.com/y3d9ter9

IPAG is undertaking research and analysis on the impact of COVID-19 on important areas like healthcare & public services, economy & trade, education & employment, society & community, and environment & natural resources. We are looking into both country specific as well as cross-country comparative studies to better understand the dynamics of COVID-19 in spreading its effect across countries, regions, and continents and what may be the best ways to respond to these challenges.


Policy Briefs for G20 in the previous years

Policy brief for 2019 in Osaka, Japan



PB: Women’s Participation in Formal Work Force

Policy Brief for 2018 in Buenos Aries, Argentina

PB: Repatriation Challenges faced by Developing First Asylum Countries & the International Response Mechanism

Policy Brief for 2017 in Berlin, Germany

PB: Reforming the Forced Migration Governance System