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Area of Work: COVID 19 Pandemic


IPAG is a member of the Council for Global Problem Solving (CGP), based in Berlin, Germany, which an exclusive consortium of world-class think tanks and research institutions. It is the intellectual core of the Global Solutions Initiative which makes policy recommendations to the G20, G7, and other global governance bodies.

For Global Solutions Summit held in Berlin, Germany from May 27-28, 2021 the G20 Summit Journal 2021 has been published in which IPAG has written three policy briefs in collaboration with our peers from UNICEF, European Commission, Asian Development Bank, Mastercard Foundation, Open Society Foundations etc.

1. The gender and children effects of COVID-19: We were joined by the UNICEF and European Commission for this policy brief. It looks into mitigating equity, safety and ethical risks linked to digital transformation which is on the rise during this pandemic and impeding inequality risks. While emphasizing on meaningful, inclusive, and empowering implementation, we have recommended a few important policy measures which include development of required infrastructure, to ensure inclusive and affordable internet connectivity, and adoption of online safety and data privacy measures.

Link:. The gender and children effects of COVID-19

2. Mitigating the digital divide in e-learning: For this, we were joined by The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and The Mastercard Foundation. The policy brief addresses the pre-existing learning crisis and inequities that have been exacerbated by the pandemic, with a focus on policy reform through capacity building.

Link:Mitigating the digital divide in e-learning

3. Governance realignment in the Global South: It looks into the policy-centric network governance in regard to COVID-19. The policy brief assesses how networked governance has helped governments in dealing with the pandemic, both nationally and transnationally, and whether there is room for improvement in dealing with a non-political emergency of global proportions. IPAG was joined by The Open Society Foundations and The World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists for this.

Link:Governance realignment in the Global South