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Area of Work: International Relations, Strategic Affairs, & Security

Rubayat E Shams Anik, Senior Research Associate of IPAG, delivered a speech at the Parallel Session 01 on Sustainable Development at the “Second International Forum on the Shared Human Values” held on March 21st to 23rd at Beijing, China. Anik discussed on the importance of good governance for sustainable development. The conference was attended by prominent speakers, including Li Shulei (MP and Head of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee), José Luis Centella (President of the Communist Party of Spain), Yukio Hatoyama (Former PM of Japan), Fred Mmembe (President of the Socialist Party of Zambia), Abhisit Vejjajiva (Former PM of Thailand), Mushahid Hussain Sayed (Chairman of Pakistan Senate Defense Committee, Pakistan China Institute, George Galloway (Leader of Workers Party of Britain & Former MP), and Prof. Jeffrey Sachs (Professor of Columbia University).Related: wright funeral home martinsville, va obituaries, demand for factors of production is derived demand, elaina scotto wedding, can dogs eat papalo, puerto rican jesus urban dictionary, which companies are included in the maag group accenture, eric hosmer and kacie mcdonnell back together, how to build a bottle rocket with a parachute, swords and sandals hacked, alfre woodard sesame street, hack funeral home beecher illinois obituary, strength and weaknesses of perfume, mountain dew advertising strategy, lake alan henry water temp, sig sauer p320 recall serial numbers,Related: community methodist church harrison city pa fish fry, kvalitne koloidne striebro, nys petroleum bulk storage database, fifa 22 defending impossible, obituaries clayton, alabama, shooting in perris, ca today, which of the following does a security classification guide provide, brendan reed arcade fire quit, what grips does fred couples use, air force maternity leave afi 2022, jose alvarado mexican, guernsey passport office opening times, in house genetics seed banks, cornell tennis courts, greer funeral home obituaries,Related: orange interconnect wire on smoke detector, desert lime strain leafly, why is josh mankiewicz in a wheelchair, why is dee gordon now dee strange gordon, apartments for rent in bangor brewer maine, teton county police blotter, nahtahn jones cause of death, how many lil smokies in a 28 oz package, dirty words that rhyme with eight, why stop vitamin d before colonoscopy, completed contract method cash basis, dr robert malone podcast joe rogan spotify, chucky trill net worth 2020, latoya devachan salon, how much does a restraining order cost in ohio,Related: luverne journal arrests, cities that allow roosters, vanilla sprinkles strain, dynasty rb rankings 2022, manases carpio father, 500 point gloomspite gitz, casa de venta cidra puerto rico, peppa pig text to speech, signs of dumpers remorse, belleville news democrat houses for rent, heimo korth tragedy 2020, alph lukau parents, ohio community garage sales 2020, david wilson homes upgrade packages, yorkshire terrier breeders in virginia beach,