Author: Administrator

Area of Work: Technology, Innovation, & Fourth Industrial Revolution

Riasat Noor, a Research Associate at IPAG was invited to the conference titled “X International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists” on “Innovative Development and Relevance of Science in Modern Kazakhstan” on October 20-21, 2016 (Almaty). This conference was organized by the Council of Young Scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In this conference, Mr. Noor published an article titled “Kazakhstan-Bangladesh Relations: Strategic Perspective of Bilateral Energy Cooperation.” In his paper, Mr. Noor portrayed the potential of energy sharing between Kazakhstan and Bangladesh by exploiting the Chittagong-Kunming connectivity, Kazakhstan-China oil and gas pipelines and BCIM economic corridor. He also emphasized on the policy level talk at the upcoming EXPO 2017 and CICA Foreign Ministers Meeting, 2017.

Mr. Noor attended the Plenary Session of the conference on October 20, held at Almaty, Kazakhstan. In this session, he pointed out the strategic avenues and potential platforms of energy sharing and cooperation areas between Bangladesh and Kazakhstan. He further expressed his views regarding the utility and prospect of Kazakhstan’s energy sharing with the South Asian counties.