what we doWhat IPAG Does

As a non-partisan, independent and international think tank, IPAG is committed to advancing broader understanding of critical issues affecting the world at large as well as nations and regions having a stake on those issues. IPAG takes a holistic approach towards adoption of policies and programs by facilitating an interactive and consultative process for the stakeholders so that the engagement is open, transparent, and participative.


IPAG conducts research to enable evidence-based decision-making by the policy makers and stakeholders. The research entails combining qualitative and quantitative methods and adoption of multi-disciplinary approach. The studies have a practical focus with orientation towards providing feasible solutions to the real-world problems and challenges. Through research collaboration with suitable international counterparts, IPAG facilitates dissemination of knowledge, skills, and capabilities. Adhering to the international best practices, research are compliant with the expected highest level of academic excellence and professional competence.

Advocacy and Communication:

During the digital age and social media platforms, dissemination of information is as critical as is the timely access to reliable data and quality analysis. Issues that merit building awareness across a wide spectrum of diverse stakeholders need well-crafted advocacy strategy to activate public engagement. Keeping that in mind, IPAG engages in both on and off-line advocacy and communication platforms. From connecting the SDG stakeholders through seminars and social media platforms to publications in well respected and influential international media outlets and scholarly contribution by global experts in the IPAG Knowledge Series Publications, IPAG has a very active advocacy focus and the required communication tools to drive the message forward across the globe.

Consultancy and Technical Support:

IPAG offers consulting services and technical support to diverse clientele which includes development partners, multilateral organizations, governmental agencies, and private sector. The projects include research, advocacy, dialogue, and capacity-building in thematic areas like economic development, energy, green growth, regional cooperation & integration, international affairs etc. IPAG has a well-qualified team of sector specific and project management experts specializing on result-oriented project implementation, management, monitoring & evaluation, outcome mapping, knowledge management, and outreach & dissemination.

Stakeholder Engagement and Dialogue:

In a highly interconnected world with seamless communication among the global citizenry, the importance of stakeholder engagement through meaningful dialogue can hardly be overemphasized. IPAG believes in the merit of adopting multi-disciplinary approaches in resolving issues that are inherently complex in nature. By providing platforms to diverse stakeholders, IPAG facilitates dialogues that are inclusive and participative. The objective is to generate a sense of ownership and collectivism in addressing issues and challenges that have effect across a broad spectrum of socio-economic and geopolitical parameters.

Capacity Building:

IPAG provides capacity building and training in support of policies and programs that further the broader objectives and goals of the institution. From training managers and energy specialists in conducting cross-border energy trades to equipping young professionals with modern tools and techniques to effectively respond to the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, IPAG continually adds value to the core areas of its specialization. This is done by imparting knowledge and training techniques to both policymakers and practitioners so that policy prescriptions and implementations can move in tandem.

Institutional Linkages:

By pooling the intellectual resources of IPAG’s global counterparts and synergizing the unique value proposition of each partner with its own, IPAG has effectively widened it global knowledge resource base as well as its ability to tap into the best practices around the world. From the leading international think tanks to the premium research centers around the world and top notch knowledge outfits, the depth and breadth of IPAG’s institutional linkages has fueled its phenomenal growth within such a short time.