“G20 and AI: Connecting the dotted lines between technology and humanity”, hosted by IPAG Asia Pacific, Australian Information Security Association (AISA), and SCICC was a T20 Indonesia side event that focused exclusively on undeniably the most important aspect of the digital society, Artificial Intelligence. Guest speakers consisting of some of the most skilled veterans in the field were invited to share their thoughts and guidance towards the rapid and inevitable transition towards a future, driven by mainstream Artificial Intelligence (AI).

SESSION I: Exploring A New Horizon of Opportunity

The keynote presentation was delivered by Prof. Dr. Dennis J. Snower (Co-Chair of Think7 Germany; President of Global Solutions Initiative). The session was moderated by Dr. Venkatachalam Anbumozhi (Director of Research Strategy and Innovation, ERIA) with panelists Dr. Jatna Supriatna (President of SDSN Indonesia, Professor of University of Indonesia), Dr. Josua Sitompul (Legal Coordinator of the Ministry of Communication and Information of Indonesia) and Meidy Fitranto Co-founder and CEO of Nodeflux).

The keynote presentation by Prof. Dr. Dennis aimed to discuss about the most critical questions regarding the application of AI, in regard to its impacts on our privacy, employment, social coherence and humanity in general. The presentation was followed up by discussions from panelists diving into the depth of AI’s impact on our personal and legal tiers.

SESSION II: AI and The Digital Ecosystem

The keynote presentation was delivered by Prof. Dr Suhono Harso Supangkat’s (Co-Chair of Task Force 2, T20 Indonesia; Head of Smart City and Community Innovation Center, Bandung Institute of Technology). The session was moderated by Prof. Fukunari Kimura (Chief Economist of ERIA) with panelists Dr. Marisa Henderson (Chief of the Trade and Creative Economy Section, UNCTAD), Yossi Matias (VP Engineering & Research, Google), Mr. Abdy Taminsyah (CEO and Founder, MonsoonSIM, Western Australia, Australia) and Mr. Rubayat E Shams Anik (Senior Research Associate of IPAG Asia Pacific and Co-Network Manager of SDSN Bangladesh).

“Change is coming, and we have to adapt” was the main motto in Prof. Dr Suhono Harso Supangkat’s speech as we rapidly move towards the inevitable approach of mainstream AI, and the correct adaptation methods to properly embrace it. Dr. Marisa, Mr. Yossi Matias, Mr Abdy and Mr. Rubayat followed up with the vital impact of recent events on the development and implementation of AI.

SESSION III: AI and Humans

The keynote presentation was delivered by Nadeem Anjum (Head of Notifications AI for Facebook Growth, Meta AI, Facebook). The session was moderated by Makshudul Alom Mokul Mondal (Senior Research Associate, IPAG Asia Pacific) with panelists Mohan Belani (CEO of E27 a VC of Indonesian Tech Industry), Dr. Arif Perdana (Assistant Professor, Data Science, Monash University, Indonesia), and Akash Mittal (The Director of Australian Information Security Association).

Keynote Presenter Nadeem Anjum shares similar concerns; but has brought to light the importance of introducing ethics and proper regulations in development. The inter Panel Discussions by Mohan Belani, Akash Mittal and  Arif Perdana further emphasized the “double-edged sword” nature of AI and potential regulatory changes that can bring about a significant positive impact.

 SESSION IV: AI Governance and Ethics The Role of the G20 community

The keynote presentation was delivered by Prof. Bambang Brodjonego (Chair of T20 Indonesia, Former Ministry of Finance & Former Minister of Research and Technology – Indonesia). The session was moderated by Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi (Director General, Research and Information System (RIS), New Delhi, India) with panelists Dr. Ir. Lukas, MAI, CISA, IPM (Chairman, Indonesian Artificial Intelligence Society – IAIS), Prof. Toshio Obi (Professor Emeritus of Waseda University), Ms. Cyn-Young Park (Director for Regional Cooperation and Integration, Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department, ADB)

The massive development of AI in the last 5 years was the emphasizing point in Prof. Bambang Brodjonegoro’s opening speech, in which he also referred to the incredible diminishing barriers that was only possible to be brought on by AI. Dr. Ir. Lukas and Prof. Toshio obi followed up by introducing the staggering potential of utilizing Big Data/ Information security and Block Chain technology, to all of which AI can be the master key. Cyn-Young Park concluded the list of potentials with an incredible potential change AI can bring to work-life balance in our lives.