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Area of Work: International Relations, Strategic Affairs, & Security

Prof. Khasru was invited to speak at the India in Asia: Deeper Engagement Annual Conference in March 2023, hosted by the Centre for Social and Economic Progress (CSEP) in Rajhastan, India. Other prominent speakers included Tharman Shanmugaratnam Senior Minister, Singapore and Anantha Nageswaran, Chief Economic Adviser, Ministry of Finance, India.Related: jayda wayda clothing line website, after the fall arthur miller monologue, pharmd to md bridge program, baby doll sheep for sale in california, publix vice president, dr massad boulos net worth, cricket 22 tactical stock, middlesex county jail mugshots, pruning dwarf nandina, what does inmate classification md mean, other uses for cafe du monde beignet mix, jenni rivera first house she bought, craigslist sacramento cars by dealer, boone funeral obituaries, when does mn legislative session end 2022,