Author: Administrator

Area of Work: Strategic And International Relations

The Institute for Policy, Advocacy and Governance (IPAG), in collaboration with The Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) will jointly organize a conference titled “The Digital Age, Cyber Space, and Social Media: The Challenges of Security & Radicalization” in New Delhi, India. The speakers and participants include prominent policy-makers, government officials, and local and regional governance bodies, international experts, and private sector representatives from the digital sector, leading academics, media, community leaders, intelligence bodies, international organizations, and rights’ groups from South Asia. The event will have discussions and deliberations on the following themes:

  • Modernizing the Security and Intelligence Systems in the Digital Age
  • The State and Social Actors: Need for a Coordinated Response
  • Usage of Social Media for Driving Positive Ideological Orientations
  • Combating Online Terrorist Propaganda: Role of Major Tech Companies and the Need for a Coordinated Response from South Asia on Defining the Propaganda